Our Mission...

Animal lovers please unite to help in making a positive change to the world and animals lives. I am passionate and determined to change the animal fashion industry, I mean really where is the use of using a life for a fur coat? why take a life and use it for a fashion statement? Who thought that this would be a good idea to torture animals for humans to use as material items? It is sad isnt it?  I often wonder who the types of people are that actually work at these brutal places doing this as a job. If only humans had hearts like animals.

What can we do?
You can help make a change by purchasing vegan fashion with Kahla!
How? We have partnered with PETA Australia for monthly donations from the boutiques profit. We always want to put the animals first, and style second. 
We thank you for purchasing vegan fashion and being a part of the positive change we are beginning to make.

Thank you for helping the animals.
Kahla x